Addicted to him? Your body says so

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You miss him and it really hurts.

You are totally overwhelmed with feelings of sadness, grief, confusion, anger at times and even suicidal despair, to name a few. 

The emotional challenges that a breakup or a divorce bring are countless. 

And the pain is real. 

So real that it can be seen on brain scans. 


Brain studies done on people after a romantic rejection show that it is like being in great physical pain and withdrawing from cocaine! 

I’m not familiar with the way cocaine withdrawal feels like but I’m sure it isn’t fun. 

But I know how hard is not to eat a full packet of crisps or half a bar of dark chocolate if I have them in my kitchen cupboards.

So, there you are. 

If you have ever tried to get off something because you felt it wasn’t good for you (smoking, coffee, gluten and dairy are some of mine) you know what the number 1 rule to follow is… 

Stop having it.

Body wisdom says heartbreak is not different.

So, if you haven’t done so, I invite you to seriously consider going “cold turkey” with him. 

And I know this this is not always possible. 

If it isn’t for practical reasons (kids, possessions, things to agree on) try to relate via email instead of face to face/ phone calls. 

This doesn’t need to be forever. 

But going “from couple to friends” may require a little time. 

Until you feel better. 

And stronger. 

Give it some thought. 

In the meantime, take a day at a time. 

Be patient and kind with yourself. 

And if things get really tough, seek support. 

I’m here for you for a chat or to support you through my work, when you are ready. 

You can do this

And you are not alone


Photo Nadine Shaabana