I’m Flor and I help self-aware women who don’t feel enough to believe in themselves so they can create a fulfilling life grounded in loving self-acceptance of who they are, the bits they like and the bits they don’t. 

No matter where you are in your life, no matter what others think of you, worthiness is your birth right and my work is to help you realise that this is true and that you deserve to treat yourself with kindness and self-respect as the foundation of anything else you want to create in your life.

If you find yourself being too hard on yourself, relying too much on the approval, reassurance and opinions of others, partners in particular, you are longing for purpose and meaning in your life but are lacking the self-belief and confidence to make it happen because deep inside you believe it is not possible, I can help.

And if this speaks to you, I’d love to show you what’s possible for you and how your transformation can begin right here, right now.