One on One Support


Flor has witnessed and honoured — without judgment — the most tender and vulnerable aspects of my humanity –my feelings. There is tremendous healing power in being fully present for another human being. I do not know how I would have managed my emotional turmoil without her lovingkindness and gentle, constructive, engagement and support.” KT


A unique holistic programme of healing and self-discovery for women who are ready to commit to a path of personal and spiritual growth and prefer/need individual support as opposed to a group container.   

With my 3 step signature process you will:

    1. Gain clarity on where you are now, how you got here and where you want to get.
    2. Do the healing work of old patterns that are standing in the way of a fulfilling life and fulfilling relationships while promoting self-awareness and self-acceptance, rebuilding self-esteem, confidence and trust.
    3. Move on with confidence to create the life you want as an autonomous, creative, capable woman.

This programme is the result of many years of training & experience in the field of Energy Healing, Flower Essences and Meditation.

“Since I started working with Flor I’m calmer and more centred, I trust myself more and unexpectedly I am earning more money and have more clients for my own business! Flor leads by example with immaculate boundaries and a peaceful presence combined with a lightness of touch. Flor doesn’t take herself or the work too seriously and she sees things for what they are. Flor is a real worthy investment of time and money. Working with her has brought so much peace to my life.” S.C

We will take a multi-layered approach, far more powerful than coaching or talking therapy alone, in order to bring deep lasting healing and transformation.  Regular Healing Touch therapy sessions, Personalised Flower Essence blends, talking therapy, coaching and mentoring, Mindfulness practices, guided meditations along with support in between sessions are some of the features that make it so unique.

This is not just a series of therapy sessions but me offering my commitment to you, to guide you and support by holding your hand for several months to allow positive change and transformation in your life.

“Flor has a huge heart and such a miracle, sweet sensitive connection to her clients. She has this openness that makes you feel safer in her presence” A.L.