On boundaries

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The boundaries you set for yourself are as important as the ones you set for him or others.

And this is particularly important while you are healing from a breakup or a divorce.

If boundaries are all about showing people how to treat you with respect. Are you treating yourself with that same respect?

Things like:

  • Being firm yet gentle when sticking to your own self-care
  • Saying “no” when you need to without feeling guilty
  • Going for 0 contact, staying off social media or unfollowing him if seeing his posts is causing you distress or keeping you stuck and on an emotional roller-coaster.
  • Avoiding people who are draining or not supportive;
  • Asking for time alone;
  • Not allowing others to disrespect you or treat you like an option;
  • Not pursuing those who reject you;
  • Not compromising your emotional balance and healing for anyone.

Remember that boundaries provide a safe container for healing and repair and allow that so necessary space to separate your feelings from his so you can find yourself.

Weak boundaries leave us unprotected, vulnerable like an house with an unlocked door, or, even worse, with the door wide open.

Clear and healthy boundaries are necessary for healthy, happy and balanced relationship

How are you doing in the boundaries department?

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Lots of love

Flor xoxo