That space of lonely heartbreak

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The weekend again.

If you are in that space of lonely heartbreak, exacerbated  by months of pandemic, it may not make any difference to you. 
At this point, you have by yourself reached the conclusion that you will never be happy again or find love again. 

Getting through this breakup or divorce  and moving on it is a conscious decision, a choice that only you can make.

Can you think of times when you were in a situation where you couldn’t see a way out but you got through? 

You will get through this.

This is just a phase, and, as hard and incomprehensible as it may look, a necessary one.

Don’t believe everything you are telling yourself. 

Your  current frame of mind is hugely misjudging yourself and your potential. 
You are assessing your future from a place that is anything but objective.

You are much more, much greater than what you are giving yourself credit for. 

That obsessive thinking won’t get you anywhere. 
Reaching out for help and support to get a new perspective on things will. 

Things do not need to be this way.

There is a way forward.

A way out And I know you can find it.

What will self-kindness mean for you this weekend? 

You can do this.

And you are not alone

Sending lots of love


Photo courtesy of Myles Tan