In the aftermath of a breakup, be there for yourself

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Don’t waste your time trying to change others

Or fighting with the reality of your life.

You cannot change others but you can change the way you relate with yourself.

Today, right now, in this very moment, you can choose acceptance over denial

You can choose loving-kindness over hard judgement.

You can choose to acknowledge even if just one thing you did right,
just one lesson you have learnt,
rather than focusing on what you see as your countless failures.

You can choose kindness and friendship with yourself.

Love and courage over fear.

Connection over isolation.

You can begin to notice and question that little voice that puts you down.

Is that true? Is that really who you are?

Today, right now, this very moment,
can be the beginning of a more nurturing relationship with yourself
Of an investment that you can be sure is going to pay off.

You can count on you

And have your own back

And when you do everything else will fall into place.

The reality of your life may or may not change
But you will,
For the best

And life won’t look the same
Feel the same
Or hurt the same

Today, right here, right now
In this very moment

No tomorrow

No blame

No excuses

Just a choice

A tiny move

Towards self-kindness