Healing is a process

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New growth.
Healing is a process.
Frustratingly quiet at times.

Look at nature right now.
So much happening underground.
Plants and seeds lying dormant, quietly preparing their way up
to hit the ground and the light.
It can happen any day, anytime.
In fact, it is already happening.

How long did it take you to recover from a serious physical illness,
to master a new skill,
play an instrument or
be proficient in a foreign language?

We don’t learn overnight.
We don’t heal overnight either.
Healing is a process of relearning and stepping into uncharted territory.
Of going against the grain.

There are times when we feel we are making great progress,
times when we hit a plateau
and times when we feel we are totally regressing.

Don’t get discouraged.
As long as you keep going,
doing your selfcare,
showing up for your healing sessions,
reaching out to your support network,
practising patience and loving-kindness with yourself,
you are healing.
Healing is still happening.
Your roots are getting stronger.
Shoots are most probably already showing.
Leaves and flowers will follow.

Pay attention to the way you feel.
Pay attention to small changes.
A diary helps.
Celebrate small gains.
Small successes.
Practice gratitude.

A client said the other day that since we started working together to help her through her heartbreak,
she has noticed that she feels emotionally more stable
and that the good days are outnumbering the “bad days”.
When she first came to see me they were all
‘bad days”.

You can do this.
Keep going
Keep trusting
Take a step at a time
A day at a time