There is another way

Flor Taboada Breakup, Divorce, Emotional healing, Healing, Heartbreak, Lovingkindness, Self-esteem, Support

My work, which I love, is about taking women by the hand and showing them that there is a different way to navigate the pain of a breakup or a divorce.

I want you to know that this challenging time can be used as a catalyst for change and growth.

Whether this experience is a contraction or an expansion of your life, an opening, a gateway to self-discovery, connection and transformation, it is up to you.

I so wish someone would have taken me by the hand and showed me the way home when I was so lost years ago after the breakup that changed the course of my life.

This pain is not going to destroy you or close your heart forever unless you decide to.
Instead you can use this time as a means to more growth, more self-love, more self-acceptance, more joy, and more connection with yourself and, as a consequence with others and with the world.

You may not be able to see the wood from the trees right now but I can assure you that there is a way forward.

Don’t lose heart. Reach out for support.

So much is possible for you.

Love and healing to you, always xoxo

Photo courtesy of Chandra Oh