Getting your needs met without compromising your caring nature

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Keeping prioritising other people’s needs at the expense of ours comes with a price.

And this is the thing: attending to your needs and moving yourself up your priority list can be done without compromising your loving, caring nature. 

Growing in self-confidence and self-belief and choosing the people you want in your life, doesn’t mean that you stop caring.  

Quiet the opposite.

You will still care and take care of your loved ones but with greater self-awareness, wisdom, and compassion. 

Wise compassion, discriminating compassion as opposed to “idiot, feeling sorry for, people pleasing” compassion.

My amazing client Susan (not her real name) has reached the end of her patience. 

She has been compromising and sacrificing herself for others for too long. 

Thanks to our work, her increasing levels of self-awareness, wisdom, and clarity have made it crystal clear to her that this is taking a too great toll on her mental and physical health.

She needs and wants to put an end to her stress and anxiety. 


– She will NOT relegate herself and her needs to the bottom of her list any longer. 

– She decides who is allowed into her life and who will need to stay away. 

– She will not let others tell her what to do or put her down. 

Because she matters too. 

Her caring, loving, kind and exquisitely refined nature will not change but who she shares it with will. 

She is becoming a superhero in terms of: 

– Setting boundaries 

– Speaking up and standing up for herself 

– Removing toxic and unhealthy relationships from her life 

– And taking bold life-changing decisions

BIG and difficult decisions but decisions that feel right in her heart; decisions that are empowering, and that she has the confidence, the courage, and the tools to take. 

Decisions that match the standards of the independent and free woman she is becoming. Because she is ready and resilient.

“Thank you, Flor”, she said “I wouldn’t have been able to reach this level of clarity without your wisdom, honesty, and know-how. Thank you for making me laugh too”

I’m blown away by her courage and feel truly honoured to be witnessing this transformation.

Wishing you a happy end of the week,

With love,

Flor xoxo