Get over it!

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I’m a member of the local Food Coop here in Brooklyn and this morning I went to do my monthly shift.

I was teaming up with a lovely young lady at the conveyor belt and while waiting for some boxes to arrive, we began to chat.

She asked me what I do.

When I said that I help women heal from heartbreak she looked at me, seemingly moved, and said that that was such a lovely thing to do.

She said that so often when we are dealing with heartbreak, we are told to “get over it”.

She loved the fact that I help women heal, at a deeper level.

That rang so true to me.

So true.

Because there was a time in my life before I met my lovely husband, that the only thing I was doing was getting over it, over and over again.

But I wasn’t.

I was trying so hard to be and look strong and together that I was completely disconnected from my feelings and unaware of the suffering I was carrying inside me.

I was always “fine”.

But I wasn’t.

My life would be “just perfect” if it weren’t for a few things….


And the end of a relationship I deeply cared about left me completely devastated.

Only when I started to take care of myself, looking within so I could sort out my own issues (rather than my boyfriends’ or friends’) and stop pretending that I was fine, things began to change.

And yes, I got over my heartbreak but by learning how to love and appreciate myself in the process.


It was a that time when I truly began to invest in myself.

Because I realized I needed help and support to put the pieces of my life (and my heart!)  back together.

I looked and looked, and tried many different approaches.

And some worked better than others and some worked so well that I decided to stick with them.

So much so that I trained as a practitioner so I could help others heal too.

And I have never looked back.

I ***LOVE*** MY*** WORK

Now not only do I have a loving and supporting relationship with my amazing husband but also a pretty good relationship with myself.

Because once you make a move in “your”direction, everything else begins to fall into place.

I’ve seen it in myself and in many other women.

And if you are reading this…. your game might be about to change too. For the best.

With love,



Photo courtesy of Allef Vinicius