Making peace with the person you really are

Flor Taboada Emotional healing, Healing, Lovingkindness, Self love, Self-esteem

We humans tend to normalise situations and feelings.

It’s a survival mechanism.

For many years, as long as I can remember, I thought comparing myself to others and falling short was the way I was and perhaps the way other people were too.

I got so used to identifying with that way of being that the idea of things being different never crossed my mind.

I got used to fighting against and hiding my uncomfortable, inadequate, self.

I got used to trying really hard to be better, to be perfect, to be nice. To reach that ideal of the person I eventually wanted to become.

Because I didn’t know who I really was.

My initial explorations into meditation, flower essences and energy healing, the tools I held onto super tightly in order to rebuilt my life and my sense of self when the relationship I had invested so much in broke up, began to show me glimpses that things could be different.

I learnt that according to Buddhism we are born with a basic sanity and goodness and got to experience what that meant. I saw changes in my levels of self-esteem, confidence and clarity while taking flower essences, I let myself go into a space of complete stillness and inner peace through Energy Healing.


Things could indeed be different.

There began a life of commitment to healing and recovery from chronic perfectionism, “comparisonism ” and falling short.

I have come a long long way.

Having the loving and caring relationship I had always wanted and never thought I could have, running my own business doing the work that fulfils my heart deepest desires and, most importantly, feeling good about that person I see in the mirror every day.

I never thought this could be possible.

If this is striking a chord in you?

With love

Flor xoxo