Don’t get over it

Flor Taboada blog, Healing, Heartbreak, Self-care

I totally get that you want to get over your heartbreak as soon as possible.
But I’m so glad I simply didn’t get OVER mine, as I had done before.

It was a “through” rather than an “over”

I’m grateful that I followed that inner voice that told me to do things differently.
Because the voice was right.
It was time to stop being my worst critic.

As an act of self-care and self-respect (self-love and self-appreciation were too ambitious words at the time and they only came much later), I chose to do something completely different. 
I chose to focus on
getting CLEARER about who I was, and what I wanted.
I focused on REBUILDING my life back.
One brick at a time.

And there is a strength that wasn’t there before because that’s what happens when you do serious “structural, repair and maintenance” work at foundation level. 
A fascinating adventure that I highly recommend.
And investment for life.
Absolutely priceless.

I want the same for you.
I encourage you to do more than coping with it, “getting over it”. I invite you to do the “inner work”. Because whatever you don’t deal with now will show up again in a later relationship.

You can use this challenging time to rebuild yourself on stronger pillars.

To develop a stronger and steadier you, with a strength that wasn’t there before.

You can do this.

And you are not alone.

Photo courtesy of Andrew Lane