Debunk your own story

I was talking to a client this morning and reminding her of an important message.

That she was enough.

And so are you.

No matter how many mistakes you think you have made, not matter how many times someone else has tried to put you down or make you feel less than, you are enough.

Enoughnness is our birthright.

Babies feel enough.

You are not those things that someone told you were.

But, more importantly, you are not the things you tell yourself every day either.

Because, the words that matter them most are the ones we tell ourselves.

And it is quite unfortunate that for the average individual that inner chat is not very kind or uplifting at all.

It can get quite nasty, actually, as I’m sure you have experienced yourself.

I certainly have.

We can go through periods of feeling super enough, over the moon, because something went well.

And then something goes wrong and not according to plan (our plan, of course, lol) and there we are, down again.

Self-deprecating thoughts can be exhausting.

Both emotionally and physically.

They drain our energy and keep us stuck in our own little story.


Safe in a place of unhappiness.

But safe, anyway.

My very painful breakup many years ago was a blessing in disguised.

It catapulted me into a path of healing and self-discovery.

The work is still in progress but I am happy to say that the stories I tell myself don’t trick me as much as they used to.

I have learned to question them.

And you can too.

“I am not enough”

“There is something wrong with me”.

“I cannot have what I want.”

“I cannot do this alone.”

Are they true?

Think of those times where you debunked your own story and proved yourself and others that you indeed:

Were good enough.

There were lots of things right with you.

You had what you wanted.

You did it by yourself.

Stop giving yourself a hard time and be kind and give some credit to that amazing person you see in the mirror every day.

Enoughness is our birthright.

It has no conditions.

No strings attached.

And we can find the proofs, if we look for them.

Curious to know if this strikes a chord with you, F.

In loving kindness

Flor xx