Another Friday Night

Flor Taboada Breakup, Divorce, Emotional healing, Healing, Heartbreak

Another Friday night.

Another weekend not to look forward to. 

You don’t even want to see the few friends you aren’t hiding from.

You don’t like them to see you this way 

So down 

So depressed 

So overwhelmed by sadness and grief 

So lonely 

You definitely don’t won’t them to feel sorry for you, to give you advice on what you should or shouldn’t do. 

So you keep putting this brave front pretending that things aren’t as bad.

If they only knew how painful this is 

How hopeless you feel

How overwhelming  the sadness & the grief are

If they only knew that your life is losing its purpose 

You have coped with relationships endings before 

But this time, it feels very different 

This time it is so hard

so bloody hard 

Like never before 

This time your heart feels shattered into a 1000 pieces

Your dreams, 

all that love, care, effort and commitment that you put into this relationship for months, for years

All broken

All gone

Where do you go from here?

As someone interested in spirituality and personal growth, you have some tools.





If only you could find the courage to reach out, let your heart crack open and share this heavy load with someone

Without feeling ashamed or judged.

If only you could find some hope.

Some relief for this pain

This  sadness

This obsessive thinking

This certainty that there is something wrong with you 

But you are so used to cope by yourself that you don’t know how or to whom to reach out for help.

So there you are.

Sitting in your own pain


Another Friday night

Another weekend not to look forward to.

If this is you.

You are not alone. 

I once was in that really painful place too

As were the women I work with.

And I’d like you to know that there is a way out of this.

It breaks my heart to see women sitting in heartbreak & despair alone like you.

So please get support to help you see the wood from the trees.

I’m here if you need me.

You can do this.

And you are not alone.

Photo Alex Ivashenko