You are a Hero!

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I have been reflecting a bit on my own life lately and have come to a conclusion that I´d love to share with you. It is not rocket science but I think it is worth mentioning or, at least, reminding. Here it is: We all have a story to tell and that story is often more fascinating than what we give ourselves credit for.

When seeing clients this is one of my favorite parts; I’m intrigued and curious to know the story behind the person sitting in front of me. Who are you? What have you gone through? What are your struggles and your victories? What brought you here? Because it is that story what makes you unique and special. Yes, special. There is only one of you. Isn’t it amazing?

Take a few moments to reflect on that hero of your own life. Who is she? Grab a pen and a piece of paper and write down all the obstacles she has successfully managed to overcome, all the things she has achieved to get you where you are today. 

Look back at your life with curiosity and tenderness rather than regret. We all could have done things differently but the reality is that we didn’t. That cannot be changed. But we can learn from the past and choose something different this time.

Love yourself and acknowledge all the good in you. You are greater than what you give yourself credit for.

With love


Photo by Austin Schmid

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