TV and the Butterfly effect

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A few years ago I decided to stop watching the news. And we don’t have a TV anymore.

I still like to be informed of what is going on in the world.

This morning I scanned the news on my iPhone, as I do daily. 

It was depressing.

The Ukrainian war, the risk of another nuclear accident, the floods in Pakistan, the inflation, the rising food and energy prices, the escalating levels of poverty, the increase in greenhouse gases, a total void of proper leadership in our government…

This was just a quick scan of the front page.

To be honest with you, I didn’t go into the detail.

I don’t need to know more.

Just to be informed.

I don’t want to be swallowed into the ocean of panic and fear.

Not if I can prevent it.

But it isn’t easy because you can feel it in the air.

“We are living interesting times”, I said to myself, “but we will all get through this and, if we don’t, that will be it.” 

Things could tilt either way.

No guarantee whatsoever.

I want to take a practical compassionate approach.

But how can we make our little positive contribution so we don’t make things worse?

How can we be of help and be the carriers of some lightness and hope without being in denial?

How can we be present, keep our hearts open, and at the same time not sink into depression and despair?

I don’t know.

I don’t have the answer to that.

What I know, though, is that now more than ever it is important to really scale up your self-care.

To take excellent care of your body, mind, and emotions.

All those things that help you be in a place of feeling more grounded and connected to yourself and others, a place of self-awareness, openness and strength so you can be there for those who may be less resourceful than you are.

What I know is that as a healer, I feel healing is now more important than ever and that I am committed to helping those who wish to be helped in finding a centre, a home within themselves, an anchor from which to operate.

Because our own healing has a ripple effect.

“The flapping of a butterfly’s wings can cause a ripple effect that impacts weather patterns hundreds of miles away.”

Because when we heal ourselves, we heal the world too.

So you can have a positive butterfly effect on those around you and beyond.

Just remember this when you feel like giving up.

Take excellent care of yourself and let me know if I can be of help.

With love

Flor xoxo

Photo: Rafael Cerqueira