Relationships as teachers

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Let me introduce you to my greatest teacher: my husband.

For those of us willing and open to do the inner work and the learning, the challenges that arise from intimate relationships can be the greatest teacher. 

And the lessons can be tough, lol.

The “learning is process” requires courage.





The courage to listen.
Really listen.

The courage to look with loving kindness at what’s going on inside you, how you got triggered and why.

The patience and the kindness to get triggered again and again and to keep caring for each other.

No one can make you small or inadequate unless there is a sense of smallness and inadequacy already in you.

As humans, we need love and connection. Our survival and thriving as babies and as a species depend on it.

However, as adults, we cannot make another human being responsible for our own happiness or culprit of our misery.

The responsibility lies on us.

What part of you are you ignoring when you feel ignored?

In what ways are you making yourself small or not capable in your relationship and in your life?

How are you allowing others to treat you?

What story are you telling yourself?

Become a detective of your own stories.

And make self-loving kindness your medicine.

Whether another sees it or says it, or not, you have all you need.

Worth is your birth right. It always was and will always be.

Do not forget.

Because a fulfilling life and a fulfilling relationship depend on it.

Curious to know how/if this resonates. 

Flor xoxo

Photo: Courtesy of Brett Jordan