Permission to pause

Flor Taboada Emotional healing, Lifestyle, MEDITATION, PAUSING

Most of us have very busy lives.

In our society, doing and achieving seem to be what life is about, what matters and what give us a sense of identity, satisfaction, and meaning.

So, it is not surprising that as individuals, most of us feel lost and bored when we are not doing.

We spent a big part of our day and our lives in survival mode trying to cope in order to get to the next thing, burdened with financial, work, health and family responsibilities.

Reacting, managing and juggling all the things that life constantly throws at us while trying to figure things out with constant often unkind debates and conversations in our heads, obsessing and worrying.


As humans, we have this tendency to spend too much time either in the past or in the future, using the present moment as a means to an end to get to where we want or are supposed to get.

But the worst thing is that we never seem to get there!

In the meantime, life is slipping through our fingers.

We miss moments of real connection with ourselves, our loved ones, nature and life.

Small precious moments of being really present for someone else and savouring what life is really about.

As a society, we have never been taught how to pause.

How to be.

How to connect with our bodies and our hearts as wise counselors able to point us out in the right direction when we feel lost and confused.

Because I am sure you have realised by now that overthinking, worrying and obsessing are rarely the places to go in order to make good decisions in your life.

When our nervous system is in overdrive trying to find a way out the last thing we want to do is to pause and yet it is the pausing, the gap, the space what can open the door to a new perspective.

Let’s learn to pause, let’s learn to be.

With love,