End of School Year… Flower Essences to the Rescue!! Part 1: Children and Teens

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It is that hectic time of year…. The last weeks of school are full with mixed feelings of excitement and dread for kids, parents and teachers alike. Kids are tired and restless. The pressure of the exams and assignments, school performances and proms, the excitement of warmer and longer days, and the planning and anticipation of the summer vacation. We all have been there.

Flower Essences can be an invaluable tool when dealing with those stresses. Flower Essences nurture children and teenagers and can help them return to a sense of balance when they are anxious, upset or under pressure. The youngest ones in particular love Flower Essences. I think it is because they instinctively know that the essences are good for them; comforting like a good friend. They rarely forget to take them and, as kids are less caught up in old habitual patterns and behaviors, they usually act faster than for adults.

In my practice, I use high quality essences from leading and well established producers from all over the world. Every essence line has its unique special energy.  In this particular blog I’m going to stick to the Bach Flower Essences which is the most popular line. I use Bach Healing Herbs.

Let’s look at a few essences that can support children not only during this important and stressful time of year but all year long.

To help with learning, focus and concentration:Gaelle Marcel photo-1424115087662-5845efc6b366
Clematis- for the “daydreamer”. For these kids completing the homework can be a challenging task as they lose concentration very easily, get distracted or lost in their own little world.
White Chestnut– for the “worrier” child with a very active mind.
Chestnut Bud– for the slow learner with a tendency to repeat mistakes due to lack of attention.

To help self-confidence
Elm– for the confident and reliable child punctually overwhelmed by the desire to do well (more on Elm…)
Larch– for the kid who feels inferior, compares himself/herself to others and fears failure.

To calm fear and anxiety
Mimulus– for the shy and anxious kid, easily frightened.
Rock Rose– for feelings of panic and dread.
5 Flower-Formula (also known as Rescue Remedy)– for punctual stress and anxiety, including exams and performances

To promote optimism and perseverance
Gentian– for the kid who feels easily discouraged.
Gorse– for the kid who after a setback feels very pessimistic and reluctant about trying again.

For motivation
Wild Rose– for the child who lacks energy, motivation and enthusiasm.
Hornbeam– for the kid who keeps putting things off, obligations in particular.

For Over-excitement
Vervain– for the overenthusiastic child unable to relax.
Impatiens– the name of the flower says it all.  For impatient kids, fast in action and thought, easily frustrated (“are we there yet?”)

Flower essences provide a harmless, not habit forming system of healing. Unlike essential oils or herbal tinctures, they do not contain any biochemical components, thus their safety.

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Stay tune for End of School Year… Flower Essences to the Rescue! Part 2: Adults

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

With love and beautiful summer Flowers!

Images Laura Aziz, modified by F. Taboada and Gaelle Marcel via Unsplash

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