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This month I’m going to write about a flower essence that can be very helpful in periods of stress and pressure. We can all feel overwhelmed at times… who hasn’t felt this way?  The essence made from the Elm Tree flowers (Ulmus procera) can give self-assurance during periods of extra pressure and demands.

Elm always makes me think of exams and brings to mind a client of mine. A top student in the late stages of her PhD, she felt that the pressure and the exhaustion of many many months of hard work were beginning to take their toll. The feelings of self-doubt, despair and overwhelm increased as the day to defend her thesis approached. She feared she wasn’t going to be up to the challenge. For the previous months, I gave her different flower essence blends and Elm was one of the key essences. When the big day arrived, she managed to stay calm and centered. And she passed! (I never doubted she wouldn’t).

People who can benefit from Elm are usually altruistic with a strong sense of duty and responsibility. They are confident, responsible and very dependable and capable but occasionally feel that they have taken on too much and won’t be able to cope. This essence helps with that fear of not to be able to perform well this time and to finish what’s been started. This said, anyone facing a period of unexpected life complications and pressures (extra pressures at work or at home, a move, a wedding, having a baby, Thanksgiving or Christmas!) can benefit from it too.

There are other essences that are better for people who have a more constant feeling of being overwhelmed, overworked, busy or with high stress levels. But Elm, on its own or combined with other essences, works to helps to cope with those with more temporary situations.

Try Elm if:

  • You’re normally self-confident and decisive but currently doubt your own decisions and actions
  • You feel despondent because you have taken on too much responsibility and don’t know how to handle it
  • You feel exhausted due to your constant efforts to perform at top level
  • You are a bit of a perfectionist, or unrealistic in your goals
  • Your (sometimes secretly) fear to disappoint or let others down by not being up to the challenge
  • You feel you don’t have the strength to achieve everything you have set up yourself to achieve

Elm Flower Essence restores trust and self-assurance in our capability to complete one’s task and to calmly and joyously handle extra pressure and demands.

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With love (and beautiful Elm flowers!)


Image by Anro0002 via Wikimedia Commons

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