Mind Clearing anyone?

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“I can think again” said one client after a HT session that included the Mind Clearing technique. Mind Clearing is one of the most popular Healing Touch techniques. I use it a lot in my practice. It is specifically designed to quiet and relax the mind, promoting inner peacefulness, focus and clarity.

It can be a very helpful technique for work and family stress. And, as it is vacation time,  you could also use it to ease any pre-trip anxiety and “packing overwhelm.”

Mind Clearing uses hand positions in specific areas of the head and face to balance the energy flow within the brain. The greatest relaxation comes when we passively receive it, especially as part of a full Healing Touch session. However, MD and Healing Touch Certified Practitioner and Instructor Penny Burdick has adapted the original technique and created a Self-Mind Clearing sequence to be done to oneself.

This a good technique to add to your “self-care kit.” Some examples of situations where Mind Clearing can be helpful include:

  • In the evening after a long day when your head is still swirling with thoughts;
  • Before retiring;
  • For tension related headaches;
  • Anytime you feel stressed, overwhelmed or unable to focus;
  • When needing inspiration and in times of decision making.

You can do the technique sitting or lying down. If you are sitting down and find that your shoulders are getting tense or your arms tired, try the lying down position.

Click here to access the Self- Mind Clearing handout.

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Wishing you all a Happy and Cheerful Summer!