Letting the summer go

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NYC is buzzing and enjoying a beautiful Indian summer. Fall will official start soon. I’m sad to see the summer go.

After a meditation retreat and my summer vacation, I’m enjoying the return to my healing practice with renewed energy, enthusiasm and fresh ideas.

My inspiration for the coming months comes from my practice too. I heard yesterday from a client I saw a couple of weeks ago. A stressed and heartbroken mum, divorced with 3 kids, her 2 older children were leaving for College for the first time, while her youngest, 7 years old, had never liked going to school; crying and screaming scenes weren’t unusual.  She described how stressful it had been to deal with the move to College but especially the emotional wrench of seeing her two oldest kids leave home.

I gave her and her younger son bespoke flower essence blends and yesterday she said that she was feeling happier and more positive; that she had managed to say goodbye to her kids without getting over emotional. But that wasn’t all. Her 7 year old was going to school without complaining. The little one loved his flower essences. He seemed the first to be surprised. “The essences are magical”, he said.

I’m sitting at my desk with the distant noise of Manhattan traffic now back at post-vacation levels. Everyone’s back in the city. The evening sky is indigo blue and clear, the weather glorious and NYC definitely back to maximum speed. Here comes Fall!

Happy Fall everyone. I look forward to seeing you soon.

With warmest wishes,


Image by Rosevita via Morgue Files


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