End of School Year… Flower Essences to the Rescue! Part 2: Adults

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Last week we looked at some Flower Essences to help kids cope with the stress of the end of school year, and stress in general. This week we are going to look at some for parents, teachers and caregivers.

We all react differently to stress. Each of us has a specific pattern of behavior that is part of our personal makeup and that kicks in under stress. Some of us get irritable, others negative or pessimistic, others controlling or judgmental. What is yours?

Here are some Bach Flower Essences that can help us be more present and respond (instead of react) to kids and to stressful situations in general:

Patience and self-control
Impatiens— to bring patience when feeling frustrated or irritable when dealing with children who get easily distracted or have a slower work and processing speed (a good one to have handy when helping with school homework).
Cherry Plum– for fear of losing control and of “taking it out” on the kids.
Beech– to soften a critical and judgmental attitude when things aren’t done as well as one would like.

Worry and over- concern for others
Chicory– to respect children’s individuality and space and soften a fault finding attitude and the need to control.
White chestnut– to calm a busy mind finding it difficult to concentrate.
Red Chestnut– for extreme and obsessive worry and over-concern for loved ones.

Feeling overwhelmed, tense and tired
Oak– for the exhaustion and pressure of too much responsibility.
Elm– when feeling overwhelmed by responsibility for having taking on too much. More on Elm
Vervain—nervous exhaustion for over striving and pushing others to follow our views and ideas.
Olive- for complete physical and mental exhaustion.
Rescue Remedy– for crisis and punctual stress and anxiety.

Gentian– to lift the spirits in periods of pessimism.
Gorse– for deeper feelings of loss of hope.

Flower essences provide a harmless, not habit forming system of healing. Unlike essential oils or herbal tinctures, they do not contain any biochemical components, thus their safety.

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With love and beautiful summer Flowers!

Photo by Uphpala Shyamendra

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