Are your emotions affecting your health?

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The link between the body and the mind fascinates me.

An increasing body of research is now supporting what some traditional healing methods like Chinese medicine or Ayurveda have known for centuries: that there’s a connection between the body and the mind and that thoughts and emotions can impact our health.

Most people know that anger is bad for the heart and blood pressure, but research is now recognizing that other emotions like sadness, loneliness, trauma and depression can be equally damaging and lead to illness.

The brain communicates with the body via hormones and, when we are physically or emotionally stressed, the body releases stress hormones. Sadness, grief, unresolved trauma and even our internal negative chat are also forms of stress. If the cause of the stress is not relieved and carries on for weeks, months or years, the chemistry in the body and the functioning of systems and organs can be seriously compromised. Did you get the flu after a period of lots of pressure at work? Stress hormones shut down the immune system.

On the other hand, when we are able to find ways to truly relax, when we feel happy, connected, nurtured and fulfilled, when we exercise, eat well, have fun, the body releases good or happy hormones. Therapies like Healing Touch trigger the relaxation response and the release of endorphins (our natural pain and stress fighters) and Flower Essences are great for healing emotional trauma and promote a positive outlook in life.

Even something as simple as smiling may help reduce the body’s stress response thanks to the release of endorphins and serotonin, regardless of whether we actually feel happy or not.

Have a wonderful week, find ways to relax and keep smiling!

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