Flor Taboada Self-esteem

Not feeling enough can greatly impact our capacity to make decisions.

We may overthink.

We may not trust our judgment or our ability to make the “right” decision.

We may fear committing to just one outcome and, therefore, not leaving all our options open.I am an overthinker and very indecisive person.

I have always been but that trend is changing.

And what is changing is not the fact that I still take my time to decide.

What is changing is the way I am approaching that process

Let me share with you 3 things that are helping, as they may help you too.

1- The first one is lessening the pressure I put on myself in order to decide.

2- The second one is to notice and tone down that inner voice that says things like:

“Anyone else in my situation would have already made a decision”

“I am so indecisive”

“Why can I just decide like everyone else”

“I am going to make the wrong decision”

“I am going to miss a opportunity”

3- The 3rd one is commitment and taking responsibility.

Committing to go 100% with my decision, noticing the fear, the self-doubt, the worrying but going for it anyway and fully accepting the outcome.

Not looking back!

Our negative disempowering thoughts about our decision making ability are creating stress, more than the decision itself.

The good news is that you can choose to sit with those disempowering thoughts and question them. Are they true?

You can replace them for more empowering ones that feel true to you.

Maybe “I’m getting closer to making a decision”.

Or “I have the ability to make the right decisions for me”.

Or “I will make this decision work for me”.

You can ask around as much as you want.

You can get different opinions, but at the end of the day you’re the one who knows yourself best and knows what’s better for you.

Often we just need to jump without having total clarity.

Find a way to give yourself that mental and emotional space to tap into the clarity and wisdom within.

The answers are already in you.

Quiet the mind and they will come.

“What I love about our work -said a client- is that you provide a safe, supportive container so I can come to my own answers”.

And so can you.

What not so useful thoughts are keeping you stuck in indecision and thus preventing you from moving forward?

Remember that decisions, as everything else in life, get better with practice.

Flor xx

Photo courtesy of Brett Jordan