Testimonial cont. Kim

“A romantic relationship I’d cherished ended suddenly. At the same time, I was faced with the prospect of losing my dear ones to illness and other difficulties.  My heart was breaking in several places at once and I was having horrific panic attacks because of my fear of losing people I love.  When I started looking for help to manage the anguish and distress I felt, I had no idea that there might actually be someone who specializes in healing heartbreak. I am deeply and profoundly grateful that I found my way to Flor. I do not know how I would have managed my emotional turmoil without her loving kindness and gentle, constructive, engagement and support. 

After my very first Healing Touch and Flower Essences session, I felt a sense of relief and release that has increased steadily over the course of my healing process. I believe the practice of Healing Touch Therapy and the use of flower essences have helped me achieve the sense of equilibrium and emotional stability vital to my healing and growth process.

Every bit as important as the practice, is the practitioner. Flor has witnessed and honored — without judgment — the most tender and vulnerable aspects of my humanity – my feelings. There is tremendous healing power in being fully present for another human being.  I am thankful, above all, for the gift of Flor’s presence.”

Kim T.